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POLICIES Number Current version Related Docs
Policy Framework POL-SOG-01 v2.0 (1 Feb 18)
Privacy Policy POL-0001 v2.0 (11 Sep 18) TOO-0001
Conflicts Policy POL-0002 v2.0 (7 Sep 17)
Complaints & Allegations Policy POL-0003 v1.1 (6 Feb 15)
Community Services Oversight Policy POL-0004 v1.0 (7 Aug 14)
Synod Ethical Investments Policy POL-0005 v1.0 (4 Sep 14)
Synod Wide Governing Body Remuneration POL-007 v1.1 (7 Jul 16)
Safe Ministry with Children Policy POL-SMC-01 V3.0 (1 Sep 18) Other Safe Ministry with Children Resources
Person of Concern Policy
Use of church property for purposes related to same-gender marriage POL-0009 V1.0 (7 Sep 17) TOO_0004
Recovery of costs relating to redress and civil litigation from child sexual abuse POL-G.1/2 V1.0 (7 June 18)
Complaints and Allegations Initial Response PRO-0001 v1.0 (1 Jul 15)
Synod Wide Governing Body Remuneration Process PRO-0005 v1.2 (7 Jul 16) POL-007
Ex Gratia—Reconsideration Process PRO-0006 v1.0 (1 May 15) POL-0003
Developing a Safety Agreement with a Person of Concern PRO-0007 v1.0 (11 Sep 18) POL-0009
Data Breach Response Plan Procedure PRO-0008 v1.0 (2 Mar 18)
Mandatory reporting process for lay workers
Mandatory reporting process for ministry agents
Privacy Collection Statement TOO-0001 v1.0 (12 Mar 14) POL-0001
Complaints and Allegations Report Adult TOO-0002 v1.0 (1 Jul 15)
Complaints and Allegations quick referral guide TOO-0003 v1.0 (1 Jul 15)
The Church as a safe place v1.0 (03 Nov 15)
Safety Agreement TOO-0004  POL-0007
Assembly resources, including Code of Conduct for Lay Leaders
Privacy Collection Statement TOO-0001 v1.0 (12 Mar 14) POL-0001
Safe Ministry with Children: complaints and allegations statement template
Safe Ministry with Children: Glossary of terms
FAQ: Reporting abuse

The related docs for this are the Safe Ministry with Children Policy and the Mandatory Reporting process for ministry agents.