The related docs for this are the Safe Ministry with Children Policy and the Mandatory Reporting process for ministry agents.

POLICY STATEMENTS Number Current version Related Docs
Synod Wide Governance and Organisation Policy Statement A v1.0 (1 Nov 2018) POL-007
Synod Wide Privacy Policy Statement B v1.0 (1 Nov 2018) POL-0001, TOO-0001
Synod Wide Risk and Compliance Policy Statement  Policy Statement C v1.0 (1 Nov 2018)
Synod Wide Work Health and Safety Policy Statement D  v1.0 (1 Nov 2018) D/1.1
Synod Wide People and Culture Policy Statement Policy Statement E  v1.0 (5  Sep 2019)
Synod Wide Church Enterprises Policy Statement Policy Statement F  v1.0 (5  Sep 2019)
Synod Wide Financial Management Policy Statement G  v1.0 (1 Nov 2018)
Synod Wide Information Management Policy Statement H v1.0 (1 Nov 2018)
Policy Framework A/1.1 v3.0 (15 Jan 2021)
Privacy Policy POL-0001 v2.0 (11 Sep 2018) TOO-0001
Conflicts Policy POL-0002 v2.0 (7 Sep 2017)
Complaints & Allegations Policy POL-0003 v1.1 (6 Feb 2015)
Community Services Oversight Policy POL-0004 v1.0 (7 Aug 2014)
Synod Ethical Investments Policy POL-0005 v1.0 (4 Sep 2014)
Synod Wide Governing Body Remuneration Policy A/2.3 v1.2 (8 Jul 2019) A/2.3.1
Safe Ministry with Children Policy C/2.1 v4.0 (6 Apr 2020) Other Safe Ministry with Children Resources
Person of Concern Policy
Use of church property for purposes related to same-gender marriage POL-0009 v1.0 (7 Sep 2017) TOO_0004
Whistleblower Policy A/1.6 v1.0 (5 Dec 2019)
Litigation Guidelines and Policy A/1.9 v1.0 (3 Jul 2020)
Critical Incident and Issues Escalation Policy C/1.3 v1.0 (6 Jun 2019) POL-0003
Synod wide Work Health and Safety Framework D/1.1 V1.0 (1 Nov 2018)
Recovery of costs relating to redress and civil litigation from child sexual abuse POL-G.1/2 V1.0 (7 June 2018)
Media Issues Policy A/4.5 V2.0 (6 March 2020) A/4.5.1
Media Relations Policy A/4.6 V2.0 (6 March 2020) A/4.6.1
Governance Recruitment and Selection Policy E/1.6 v1.0 (25 Jun 2020) E/1.6.1
Complaints and Allegations Initial Response PRO-0001 v1.0 (1 Jul 2015)
Synod Wide Governing Body Remuneration Process A/2.3.1 v1.2 (8 Jul 2019) A/2.3
Ex Gratia—Reconsideration Process PRO-0006 v1.0 (1 May 2015) POL-0003
Developing a Safety Agreement with a Person of Concern PRO-0007 v1.0 (11 Sep 2018) POL-0009
Data Breach Response Plan Procedure PRO-0008 v1.0 (2 Mar 2018)
Governance Recruitment and Selection Procedure E/1.6.1 v1.0 (25 Jun 2020) E/1.6
Mandatory reporting process for lay workers C/ v2.0 (30 Jan 2020)
Mandatory reporting process for ministry agents C/ v2.0 (3 Jan 2020)
Media Issues Process A/4.5.1 V2.0 (6 March 2020) A/4.5
Media Relations Process A/4.6.1 V2.0 (6 March 2020) A/4.6
Privacy Collection Statement TOO-0001 v1.0 (12 Mar 2014) POL-0001
Complaints and Allegations Report Adult TOO-0002 v1.0 (1 Jul 2015)
Complaints and Allegations quick referral guide TOO-0003 v1.0 (1 Jul 2015)
The Church as a safe place v1.0 (03 Nov 2015)
Safety Agreement TOO-0004
Code of Conduct for Lay Leaders
Privacy Collection Statement TOO-0001 v1.0 (12 Mar 14) POL-0001
Safe Ministry with Children: Complaints and Allegations Statement Template C/ v2.0 (30 Jan 2020)
Safe Ministry with Children: Glossary of terms C/ v2.0 (30 Jan 2020)
FAQ: Reporting concerns C/ v2.0 (30 Jan 2020)
Data Breach Incident Notification Form TOO-B/ v1.0 (8 Jun 2018) PRO-0008
Governing Body Nomination and Profile Form Template E/ v1.0 (25 Jun 2020) E/1.6
Governing Body Skills, Attributes and Perspectives Definitions E/ v1.0 (25 Jun 2020) E/1.6
Governing Body Chairperson Profile Template E/ v1.0 (25 Jun 2020) E/1.6
Governing Body Recruitment and Communication Plan E/ v1.0 (25 Jun 2020) E/1.6
Governing Body Applicant Interview Template E/ v1.0 (25 Jun 2020) E/1.6
Governing Body Referee Check Template E/ v1.0 (25 Jun 2020) E/1.6