Meet Ellen Lyne: Our superstar at Uniting In Home Child Care

23 April 2024

Meet Ellen Lyne: Our superstar at Uniting In Home Child Care Image

Ellen Lyne serves as the Operations Manager for Uniting In Home Child Care, overseeing the needs of home-based child care services.

Having relocated from country Victoria nine years ago, Ellen has embraced the Sunshine State as her new home. For the past two years, she has served in her role, dedicating her expertise to supporting home-based child care services statewide.

Ellen said that her journey into In-Home Child Care started when she recognised that centre-based care wasn't a viable option for many families, prompting her to explore alternative solutions.

“The most rewarding aspect of my job is the opportunity to assist families by pairing them with an Educator,” she said. “Especially those facing special needs or residing in remote areas.”

Reaching the most remote families in Birdsville and Bedourie, situated in Far Western Queensland, as well as Normanton on the Gulf of Carpentaria, presents a unique challenge.

Ellen said finding people who are both willing and qualified to work in the bush can be particularly difficult.

“Educators who are diligently pursuing their studies encounter a significant obstacle due to the scarcity of placement opportunities, which they need to complete before considering In-Home Child Care,” she said. “Especially when the nearest centre is over 200 kilometres away.”

Starting as a one-person operation with just Ellen, the Uniting In Home Child Care team has flourished into a tight-knit group of eight as the program expanded and the demand for services surged.

Ellen is very proud of her team.

“Being able to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the families under our care is why we do what we do.”

Growing up with four older brothers, Ellen cherishes her role as a devoted aunt, all of whom live in Victoria.

As it is with her seven cherished nieces and nephews, Ellen said she wishes she could visit all the families across the state more often.

"My main aim is to visit more often, but with all the operational commitments and the long distances I'd have to cover from Brisbane each week, it's a real challenge,” she said. “As the demand for our services increases, I'm hoping I can hit the road more often."

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