We are one church active in every Queensland community, bearers of Christ’s offer of life in all its fullness.

Through our shared life we are committed to a flourishing future for church and community.

The Uniting Church in Australia is a passionate and diverse Christian church, a community of people who are shaped by Jesus’ teaching and example, by Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Our Queensland Synod includes congregations, faith communities, presbyteries, schools and colleges, early learning centres, hospitals, aged care centres and many expressions of mission and community service.

Strategic Direction – Plenty

Plenty is, at its core, a bold commitment to culture change for the whole Uniting Church in Queensland. It renews the commitment of the Church to be a people of Christ, loving and serving our neighbours. Through this commitment, Plenty gives us a collective, strategic intent and shared opportunities for a flourishing and renewing church in Queensland. Plenty Working Groups containing people from across the life of the church, have worked together to discern ways to build more efficient, sustainable, and effective processes and outcomes, and closer, healthier, and more positive relationships.

In 2020, after a process of engagement and consultation across the church in Queensland, the 35th Synod came together to affirm a strategic direction and priorities for the next season. The four priorities affirmed by the Synod in Session were: Discipleship, Transforming Communities, being Fit for Purpose and committing to and celebrating our Life Together.

To learn more about the plentiful journey of the Queensland Synod:

  1. What We Heard – Initial Consultation Summary Report
  2. Shared Life, Flourishing Communities – Outline of Plenty Mission Priorities and Direction from 2021-2025
  3. Shared Life, Flourishing Communities 2022 Progress Report – Taking the Initiative
    Initiatives and actions proposed by the Working Groups for each of the four priorities.
  4. Shared Life, Flourishing Communities 2023 Progress Report – Walking Together

To learn more about the Uniting Church in Queensland, our history, beliefs and priorities visit Walk with Us.

Our Leadership

Our Leadership

The Uniting Church discerns God’s call on people to serve the church in particular roles. The two key Synod leadership roles are the Moderator, and the General Secretary.

Moderator – Rev Bruce Moore

The Moderator is, in a sense, the spiritual head of the church. Elected by the gathered meeting of the Synod for a three-year term, the Moderator presides at meetings of the Synod, and its various committees and groups. The Moderator provides pastoral leadership to the whole church in Queensland. Rev Bruce Moore was inducted as Moderator in October 2023 and will serve until October 2026. Rev Moore has previously served as Director of Mission within UnitingCare Queensland, and in a range of Synod and congregational settings, together with other professional experiences.


General Secretary – Rev Dr Adam McIntosh

The General Secretary provides a key leadership role within the office of the Synod, and through serving both the meetings of the Synod and it’s committees and groups. In addition, the General Secretary acts as the CEO for the Synod Office, leading its service of the wider Uniting Church in Queensland. Rev Dr Adam McIntosh was appointed General Secretary in October 2023 for an initial period of five years. Rev Dr McIntosh previously served as Associate Director of Mission with UnitingCare Queensland, and in a range of presbytery and congregational roles in the Synod of Victoria and Tasmania.



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