In recognition of the 45th anniversary of the Uniting Church in Australia (June 22, 2022).

Lenten materials – 2022

Thanks to the Plenty Discipleship working group who brought these resources together to inspire and encourage.

A Flourishing Creation – Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability is one of the key commitments discerned during the Plenty engagement process throughout the Queensland Synod. It is a core part of the Shared life. Flourishing communities strategic vision. The initiative outlined the need to, “Develop and promote a care for creation Position Statement and Action Plan”.

The report is available for download here.

There are also Zoom meetings you can attend for more information. A link to these sessions is available on Uniting News, issued February 1 2022 which can be found here.

The A Flourishing Creation document has been developed in consultation with many people and groups across the church.  We would like you to be involved in the next round of consultation by responding to these questions:

  1. Do you agree with the proposed theological rationale to guide the development of the Queensland Synod’s 2030 Action and Advocacy Plan for environmental sustainability? Is there anything missing from it that you think is important?
  2. Are the proposed principles relevant to guide the development of the Queensland Synod’s 2030 Action and Advocacy Plan for environmental sustainability? Is there anything missing from the principles that you think is important?
  3. Do you think the proposed six themes capture the areas of greatest relevance and influence for the Synod? Do you have any suggestions for practical opportunities and actions that you would like to see in the Synod’s 2030 Action and Advocacy Plan?

You can have your say by emailing your responses here, by mail to Plenty Team GPO Box 674, Brisbane, Queensland, 4001, or you can take the survey:

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Shared Life Flourishing Communities – Progress Report

This Progress Report is intended to offer a clear summary of where the discussion and planning by the working groups is up to at this point in time. There are initiatives that are underway already, with the work being undertaken by the working groups themselves. There are initiatives where the work will be undertaken within current resourcing. There are also a range of initiatives which may require resources over a significant period of time. They will need to be considered, prioritised, and resourced. 

They have been proposed because it is believed that they will bring more efficient, sustainable, and effective processes and outcomes and closer, healthier, and more positive relationships. They have been offered up as potential next right steps to foster discipleship, transform communities, make our governance and processes more fit for purpose and create for us all a real sense of partnership and trust, community and communion, a life together. 

The report available for download here.  

If you would like to tell your Plenty story, contact the Plenty team via email