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Stats have Faces is a local area exploration process to help your congregation build a better understanding of your local community. It’s been developed by the Queensland Synod team and released in October 2014 for the purpose of helping congregations engage in mission.

Stats have Faces includes:

  • worship and prayer resources
  • scripture reflection
  • producing (and interpreting) local area demographic and statistical reports
  • mapping your local community
  • an exegetical neighbourhood walk
  • identifying community assets
  • understanding your congregation’s demographic profile

As you explore the process, you may discover that familiar people and places have changed, and that there are new challenges and possibilities where you live and worship.

The Stats have Faces process can be undertaken by your church council, mission committee or a task group recruited for the purpose. The process is managed by a team leader and will take about six weeks to complete. There’s no cost involved in accessing the Stats have faces process or resources.

Click on the links to get a PDF copy of the Leader’s Guide and the participants’ Handouts for printing or electronic distribution.  From there it’s just a matter of following the instructions – you don’t need a consultant to guide you, just set about discovering anew your local community!

Having said that, you will notice that step eight of the process involves a congregational profile survey set up by the Synod office. If you contact the office ahead of time that will help the process run smoothly.