For the Life of the World is a beautifully shot, and delightful film series from the Acton Institute that explores the deeper meaning of Salvation.

Have you ever wondered, “What is my Salvation actually FOR?” Is it only about personal atonement, about getting to heaven, or something that comes later? Is it just to have a “friend in Jesus?”

The name of the series gives a clue to where this production goes – exploring powerful and deep connections between faith and culture, salvation and the world.

Along the way, the seven-episode series takes in a wide variety of topics:

  • Ep 1 – Exile: What does it mean to be in exile?
  • Ep 2 – Economy of Love: What is the point of family?
  • Ep 3 – Economy of Creative Service: Is our labor in the world about survival, or is there more to the “daily grind”?
  • Ep 4 – Economy of Order: How do we seek justice for the oppressed?
  • Ep 5 – Economy of Wisdom: Why should we know stuff?
  • Ep 6 – Economy of Wonder: Must everything have a practical usefulness, or is there value in being useless?
  • Ep 7 – The Church: What is the role of the church in the world?

There’s a Field Guide too, to help you make the most of the material (along with a regular blog, and a bunch of clips from the series on their youtube channel). A physical DVD option is joined by the ability to live-stream from

Here’s the series trailer: