Screenshot 2014-09-18 11.33.37Craig Mitchell (the Assembly Director for Formation, Education and Discipleship) is building a very helpful set of online resources covering the breadth of his responsibilities. There are three in particular that are worth a look.

First, check out Craig’s work blog over at  He’s gathering up a host of resources, links, stories and ideas that will be useful for many.

Second, his Vimeo Channel contains a host of video resources, including his current project which contains video interviews (under the banner FED Stories) with local church leaders from all over Australia who are getting into very interesting territory.  The latest batch of video uploads includes a chat with John Ruhle from The Gap Uniting Church.

Third, Craig is experimenting with a Formation, Education and Discipleship “” page (an on-line magazine of sorts), where he gathers interesting video, news stories and posts from all over. Keep a regular eye on this one for lots of ideas.