Honouring Tradition, Youth, Faith, and Future Generations at Alex Park

14 May 2024

Honouring Tradition, Youth, Faith, and Future Generations at Alex Park Image

Text and image supplied by Joey Le-Morrison, Marketing & Communications Manager, Uniting Early Learning

In 1933, when the Church first rented the Alexandra Hostel property for their Easter Camp Conference, little could they have imagined the journey ahead. Fast forward to 1946, when, as the new owners, the church officially opened its doors as the new Alexandra Park Youth Department campsite, and the stage was set for a legacy of tradition, youth engagement, faith, and the nurturing of future generations. The site, initially touched by the Church's presence during World War II, has since blossomed into a haven for stillness, adventure, and spiritual connection, bridging decades of memories and moments that resonate with Queenslanders and visitors alike. As the 20th century rolled on and the pace of life sped up dramatically, Alex Park has become a haven for stillness, contemplation, adventure and connection with nature, people and God.

While the years have ushered in changes, the essence of transitioning and inspiring faith has remained constant. 91 years after the first Easter camp, the legacy of faith nurtured at Alex Park continues to evolve and grow, weaving a tapestry of experiences that bridge the past with the present and the future.

In April this year, Alex Park welcomed a wonderful cross-section of youth conferences and camps across the Christian community. A common thread among these gatherings was the emphasis on fostering connections with God, each other, and the wider community through worship, teaching, ministry, and engaging activities. “I came into camp with an open heart to make new connections with people. But most importantly, to deepen my faith with Jesus.” shares a participant from Alpha Youth Australia’s Spheres 2024 conference.

Participants engaged in meaningful discussions, deepened their understanding of faith, and forged lasting bonds beyond the camp's duration. “I went out of my comfort zone, and now I've met so many people and made many memories. I've connected with everyone here. It's like a family, and it's like, I'm walking home with new friends and another family.”

Campers were also empowered to carry their faith beyond the campgrounds, impacting their communities with renewed zeal and purpose. A participant from Uniting Church’s Easter Madness camp shared that “EM-24 was a training ground for us to be vessels of God’s love in the world.” 

The vibrant atmosphere and emphasis on missions left a lasting impression, inspiring attendees to carry forth their faith with boldness and conviction. A church leader from the Nexus Church Youth Camp could see the impact, noting: “Youth came back from camp and took the PM service by storm! We loved seeing their passion and fire for God, and we’re so expectant and excited for everything the Lord will continue to do through this ministry.”

The combination of engaging content, revitalising surroundings and the healthy balance of spiritual, mental, relational and physical activity is especially enriching in the jaw-dropping beauty of this stretch of coast. As one camp participant puts it: “...this camp has definitely changed me completely with a whole new, different mindset on life.”

The team at Alex Park love the diversity and richness of the community and church groups they welcome. “It’s so rewarding to see the way people in this new generation can authentically connect with God and each other in this beautiful space and see them fulfil the vision the founders had nearly a century ago.  Equipping all generations of Christians to serve and bless the whole community couldn’t be more important.  We’re thrilled to play a part in that and know from experience that it will bear good fruit for years to come.” shares Danny S, General Manager.

Every gathering, shared moment, and heartfelt connection contributes to a collective journey of faith and community. Alex Park is not just about hosting events; it's about fostering a space where individuals can grow spiritually, build lasting relationships, and find inspiration to make a difference in their world. This ethos of inclusivity and empowerment sets Alex Park apart and continues to draw diverse groups seeking a meaningful and transformative experience.

Could your church or community benefit from a tailored stay at Alex Park? We work hard to ensure that every group's stay is as beneficial (and affordable) as possible. We’d love to talk to you! Head to https://alexpark.com.au/contact-us/ to get in touch.

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