Environment and sustainability

Our sustainability commitment

“God saw everything that he had made, and indeed, it was very good” (Genesis 1:31).“

All of creation is loved by God and has intrinsic value.

To be in relationship with God is to be in a reciprocal relationship with lands, seas and each other.

Flourishing Creation Action and Advocacy Plan

Environmental sustainability emerged as a key commitment discerned during the Plenty engagement process throughout the Queensland Synod. It is a core part of the Shared life, flourishing communities strategic vision. This commitment has been central in the Uniting Church since it began, with the Statement to the Nation in June 1977 urging the “wise use of energy, the protection of the environment and the replenishment of the earth’s resources”.

Through this Plan we renew our commitment to our care for all creation, to walk together with First Nation Peoples in order that we listen, learn, build friendship, and give of love for all that God has made and First Nation Peoples have cared for as custodians of our vast country.

The Plan was endorsed at the 36th 2022 Queensland Synod in Session.

Join our Sustainability Action Network

Do you have a heart for the environment? Are you called to care for creation?

Contact Emily Murray at sustainability@ucaqld.com.au as we start to build our sustainability action network.

Join the Power Together campaign
What is it?

The Uniting Church Queensland Synod has joined the Queensland Conservation Council’s Cost of Living x Climate Coalition, along with other environmental, community and faith organisations, to endorse its “Power Together” campaign. The campaign advocates for increased investment in renewable energy by the Queensland Government to alleviate the cost of living for vulnerable communities.

We support this vital initiative as part of our ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability and the principles outlined in our Flourishing Creation Action and Advocacy Plan (above).

What are we campaigning for?

As part of the 8-point plan, we’re calling for the Qld Government to invest in more publicly-owned renewable energy projects, roll out solar panels to 10,000 social housing tenants and 10,000 private renters, and commit to continuing and increasing the electricity bill rebate to vulnerable Queensland households while electricity costs remain high. Many of these requests have been granted, with significant funding announced in the state budget.

Read the full proposal and report on the Power Together website.

How to get involved

Your participation in this advocacy campaign will help amplify our collective voice and positively impact vulnerable communities. Now, we are taking a moment to thank the Housing and Energy Ministers for their commitment to vulnerable people and a renewable energy future.

Season of Creation 2023

Visit Season of Creation 2023 for valuable resources to help you celebrate and play your part in the Season of Creation. 

For further information, contact Emily Murray at sustainability@ucaqld.com.au