For those who want to participate in the life of the church on a more formal basis, there is the capacity to become an official member of the Uniting Church to participate in the formal processes of the church (for example, being part of the discernment process at Congregational meetings to select leaders).

If you’d like to explore the possibility of becoming a member of the Uniting Church, find your local church and chat with the minister or leadership team for more details on what’s involved.

Remember though, you are welcome at your local Uniting Church whether you are a formal member or not.


A “member” is a baptised person recognised by the Church Council as being within the pastoral responsibility of the church.

A “member-in-association” is a person who participates in the life of a congregation of the church while maintaining membership in another denomination and is recognised as having such rights and responsibilities as may be prescribed.

Details on membership can be found in The Uniting Church in Australia’s Constitution.

People interested in transferring their membership to the Uniting Church from another church should contact their local congregation.