18 01, 2017

Short Stories from NCLS

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The 2016 National Church Life Survey is coming up this October and many Uniting Church congregations will participate.  In the leadup to this year's survey, NCLS have published a series of short videos outlining some of the things we've learned from the previous (2011) NCLS survey. Some examples include: Views of children in Australian churches Who [...]

18 01, 2017

3DM Workshop

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There is a wave of interest about the current missional movement that has been bubbling up over the last 10-15 years. Unless we are able to disciple people well, any missional movement is unsustainable.  As one of the Synod's new priority directions, there is renewed focus on approaches to discipleship across the Uniting Church Queensland. [...]

18 01, 2017

DIY Resources

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The Centre for Theology and Ministry (UCA Synod of Victoria and Tasmania) have released a huge selection of "DIY" resources to help your congregation and leadership team explore a diverse range of topics. Examples include: - The Changing Face of Church - Biblical perspectives - Theological topics - Role of elders or church council - [...]

18 01, 2017

Exploring the covenant between first and second peoples

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Walking Together is a set of resources designed to help Uniting Church members explore the Covenant between the UCA and Aboriginal and Islander peoples. The resources include a study guide, videos and worship resources. The study booklet consists of two sessions accompanied by video clips. The study sessions look at our past as a nation [...]

18 01, 2017

MyMIDI digital music player

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If you're in a small church or group, sometimes music can be a real challenge. To the rescue comes MyMIDI music player - purpose built for church use, and with ready access to a huge library of worship music. Developed by Rev Wayne McHugh of the Uniting Church in Queensland, the player features customisable instruments, [...]

18 01, 2017

Exploring new monasticism with Mark Berry

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Earlier in 2015, Mark Berry joined us from the UK to spend an enjoyable afternoon exploring new monasticism. New monasticism describes a surge of interest over nearly 20 years in communities basing their lives around spiritual practices, sometimes in unlikely settings. Mark shares the journey of faith communities in the UK who seek to draw on traditional and ecumenical [...]

18 01, 2017

Approaches to church planting

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There's a helpful series of articles exploring different approaches to church planting over at Christianity Today's "The Exchange". Ed Stetzer is writing the series, which began with a general introduction, and has proceeded to explore a range of commonly adopted approaches to beginning new faith communities. If you're in that situation ... it's a series of [...]

18 01, 2017

Letters to the Exiles: For the life of the world

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For the Life of the World is a beautifully shot, and delightful film series from the Acton Institute that explores the deeper meaning of Salvation. Have you ever wondered, “What is my Salvation actually FOR?” Is it only about personal atonement, about getting to heaven, or something that comes later? Is it just to have [...]

18 01, 2017

Formation/Education/Discipleship Podcasts

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Craig Mitchell at the UCA Assembly office for formation/education/discipleship is uploading a series of podcasts exploring those three topics.  First up is an interview with Rev Stu Cameron at Newlife Church on the Gold Coast.  Hit the FED/Growing-Disciples website to hear what Stu and Craig talked about. Or, go to Part 1 here, and Part [...]

18 01, 2017

Chuck Knows Church: The Committee

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The United Methodist Church of the USA have released an interesting new series of short films and accompanying discussion guides. From the team that first brought you "Chuck Knows Church" (a regular YouTube video series exploring different aspects of faith and church life) comes the new short film series "The Committee." The series explores the [...]