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34TH SYNOD, MAY 2019

What is the Synod in Session?

The Synod meeting, or the Synod in Session, is a gathering of around 400 members of the Uniting Church in Queensland and happens every 18 months.

The Synod in Session has responsibility for the general oversight, direction and administration of the Church’s worship, witness and service in the region allocated to it with such powers and authorities as may from time to time be determined by the Assembly (Basis of Union Paragraph 15).

What happens at Synod?

It is not all hard work. In our Synod meeting we celebrate the grace of God in Jesus Christ and we worship God together. It is a time when we can share with one another our experience of the work of God and share hopes and disappointments. We hear of the ways in which God is inspiring, guiding, shaping and empowering other parts of the church. We commit ourselves to continue together on the way, enriched through our renewed fellowship in Christ and the commitments we are challenged and inspired to make through our own informal decisions and our formal resolutions.

Between Synod meetings the elected and ex-officio members of the Synod Standing Committee act on behalf of the Synod and deal with specific issues that come out of the Synod.

33rd Synod (20–24 October 2017)

The 33rd Synod will be held from Friday afternoon, 20 October to the afternoon of Tuesday, 24 October 2017. The plenary sessions of the Synod will be held in the Auditorium, Alexandra Park Conference Centre, Mari Street, Alexandra Headland, on the Sunshine Coast.

For more information, please view the tabs below or contact us via email:

For 33rd Synod in Session Members please visit Synod in Session website.

For more information about what is happening around the Priority Directions and other areas of focus for the Synod office, download the general secretary’s #realunitingchurch: Synod wide mission implementation strategies 2016–2020.

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The Synod is a significant council of the church that exercises important responsibilities as described in the Basis of Union, the Constitution, and the Regulations. The Basis states that the Synod has “responsibility for the general oversight, direction, and administration of the church’s worship, witness, and service in the region allocated to it.” BOU para 15 (d)

The Uniting Church in Australia calls for a synod to gather so that the people of God may share together in the successes and struggles of the ministry of the church, be accountable to one another and encourage one another. At the Synod in Session we also worship and delve into the Scriptures and the Christian tradition. We gather so that out of sacred story and contemporary experience we may discern how we might grow in fulfilling our calling as the people of God in this Synod; in all the variety of our ministry contexts.

As presbyteries are considering who should attend, they are encouraged to think in a culturally inclusive way how best to ensure we have a broad representation of gender, age and multi-culturalism. Also, to think of innovators, forward thinkers and value-adding members.

The theme for the 33rd Synod is #realunitingchurch. We’ll be exploring our priorities and what it will take for the Uniting Church to be all that God wants it to be in the years ahead. We want you as part of those conversations. The 33rd Synod will enable our continued pursuit of the Priority Directions determined at the previous Synod in Session under our Together on the way, enriching community process. Reports, conversations and discernment will help keep our focus on these priorities now and in the next three years.

To learn more about the theme, #realunitingchurch, listen to our podcast.



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Tuesday morning

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We are very excited to introduce a new way for the members and wider church to engage in the Synod. Slido will be used before and after the 33rd Synod to encourage and enhance engagement with the reports and proposals, through an interactive Q&A format. Instructions of how to use and the purpose of Slido can be found in the guidelines below:

Synod minutes and selected podcasts

Past Synod Meetings


The 32nd Synod minutes have been amended following notification that the results of the ballot for Moderator-Elect had been omitted from the minutes. The amended minutes can be downloaded at the link below, with resolution 16.64A being the sole amendment.

Download the 32nd Synod minutes


Now available on JourneyOnline.


Moderator Report
R01 – Board for Christian Formation
R01.2 – Trinity College Qld 32nd Synod Report
R02 – Finance Investment and Property Board
R03 – Gen Sec 32 Synod Report
R03.2 – Gen Sec Synod Standing Committee
R03.3 – Gen Sec Finance and Property Services
R03.4 – Gen Sec Uniting Communications
R03.5 – Gen Sec Project Officer Mission Engagement
R03.6 – Gen Sec SAC Ministerial Placements
R04 – Governance Nomination Remuneration Committee
R05 – Presbytery of Bremer Brisbane
R06 – Presbytery of Calvary
R07 – Presbytery of Central Qld
R08 – Presbytery of Mary Burnett
R09 – Presbytery of Moreton Rivers
R10 – Presbytery of North Qld
R11 – Presbytery of South Moreton
R12 – Presbytery of The Downs
R13 – Presbytery Finances
R14 – Schools and Residential Colleges Commission
R15 – Synod Chaplaincy Commission
R16 – Synod Ecumenical RelationshipsCommittee
R17 – Synod Interfaith Relationships Committee
R18 – Synod MultiCross Cultural Reference Group
R19 – UnitingCare Queensland
R20 – Wesley Mission Brisbane


A1 – APPENDIX I Ministerial Changes Final
A2 – APPENDIX II Appointments
A3 – APPENDIX III Ministerial Retirements and Memorial Minutes 32nd Synod Final

Questions from Reports

Question from Report R3 – GenSec 32 Synod Report – Q1
Question from Report R3 – GenSec 32 Synod Report – Q2
Question from Report R3 – GenSec 32 Synod Report – Q3

Presbytery Video Reports

To download these videos, right-click the hyperlink, save as.
Bremer Brisbane
Central Queensland
The Downs
Moreton Rivers
Northern Queensland
South Moreton

Procedural Proposals

Procedural Proposals 32nd Synod
Roll of the 32nd Synod as of 17.05.16
Procedural Proposal 32nd Synod – 1.31 Discernment Process

Proposals from Reports

R03.2 – Proposal from GenSec Report (SSC) 2.05a
R17 – Proposal from MultiCross Cultural Ref Group 2.20b
R17 – Proposal from MultiCross Cultural Ref Group 2.20c

General Proposals

GP1 – Comprehensive Testing in CSG Areas
GP2 – Comprehensive Baseline Testing in Mining Approval Processes
GP3 – One in Christ Covenent of Intercession
GP4 – Communications from Property Committee
GP5 – The Future UCA in Qld
GP6 – SSC Communications
GP7 – BlueCare Processes

Worship and Bible Study

Synod Bible Study Outline-Final
The Norman and Mary Miller Lecture – Uniting Church Synod 2016 – Dr Neil Preston



Download the 31st Synod minutes


Bible Study 1 Janice Rees: Audio (10 MB)

Bible Study 2 Malcolm Coombes: Audio (12 MB)

Bible Study 3 Wendi Sargeant: Audio (11 MB)

Norman and Mary Millar Lecture Brendan McKeague: Audio (20 MB), Powerpoint (2 MB)

Song list

Synod 2014 song list and liturgy sources


30th Synod minutes


Norman and Mary Millar lecture Catholic deacon, Chaplain Gary Stone, speaks on the many and varied discipleship opportunities throughout his life.

Impacts of mining on communities and the environment QandA Phil Smith hosts a panel discussion and Q&A with Rev Dr David Ferguson, Dr Jim Cavaye, and Dr Libby Connors.

30th Synod Bible study 3 Trinity Theological College’s Rev Dr Malcolm Coombes explores the ministry of prayer in Luke’s gospel. Join us on the prayerful way.

30th Synod Bible study 2 Trinity Theological College’s Dr Aaron Ghiloni asks which way and whose path we, as disciples, are on? Join us on the debatable way.

30th Synod Bible study 1 Trinity Theological College’s Rev Dr Geoff Thompson asks: When have you had to unlearn ways of thinking about and relating to God? Join us on the surprising way.

Song list

Synod 2013 song list—liturgy sources web