Priority Directions

The 35th Synod has passed by consensus the Project Plenty Mission Priorities and Direction 2021–2025. The four missional priorities include:

  • A renewed call to discipleship
  • Fit for purpose
  • Transforming communities
  • Life together

These important priorities along with another proposal to continue to support mission with youth, young people and families will be part of how we go forward as a church in Queensland.

The 32nd Synod has passed by consensus the revised 2016–2020 priority directions, after fervent discussion. They are: That the Synod, as part of its journey of Together on the way, enriching community:

a) Adopts as its priority directions for 2016–2020:

  • To be Christ centred, at prayer, and listening
  • Discipleship
  • Leadership
  • Connecting with communities
  • Youth, children and families

as the church grows, transitions and innovates.

Download the PowerPoint which details the full priorities and read the session report on JourneyOnline.

For more information about what is happening around the Priority Directions and other areas of focus for the Synod office, download the general secretary’s #realunitingchurch report: Synod wide mission implementation strategies 2016–2020

At the 31st Queensland Synod (October 2014) an exciting Open Space process enabled Synod members to reflect on priorities for our church at this time. Collectively, Synod members identified these eight areas as being of highest importance in discerning and responding to God’s call to us.

  1. Worship gatherings that can include people who have never attended worship or belonged with church
  2. Making faith sharing a priority for the Uniting Church
  3. Church planting
  4. Developing church planters—pioneers and entrepreneurs
  5. Holy Spirit as defibrillator
  6. Formation for ministry
  7. Resource sharing urban/rural
  8. Children, youth, young adults and family ministry as a priority

Read the details of these priorities and the session report on JourneyOnline.

In order to fulfil this Call, five Priority Directions for this part of the Together on the way, enriching community journey have been identified. These are priorities for the whole of the Uniting Church in Queensland. They are:

  1. Enabling a demonstrated commitment to the shared call and vision.
  2. Promoting a discipline of prayer and spirituality (individual and corporate).
  3. Developing sustainable mission oriented organisation (way of being) for the Church in Queensland.
  4. Facilitating renewal of leadership for the mission of the Church.
  5. Engaging in intentional, open community connections and partnerships.

This Vision arises directly from the Call and Gospel Values statement adopted by the 28th Synod in May 2010.

In response to the call of Christ, in the light of Holy Scripture and the Basis of Union, the Uniting Church in Queensland is committed to:

Call Statement Uniting Church in Australia Queensland Synod

Gospel Values

As the Uniting Church in Queensland sharing in God’s mission in the world, we will be guided by values that derive from and give expression to God’s reconciling action in Jesus Christ.

In response to God’s grace, we are called to live out these values:






These gospel values will inform our lives as individuals and as the community of the Uniting Church in Queensland.



At the August 2011 meeting of the Queensland Synod Standing Committee, reports were tabled about the priority directions identified in response to the Together on the Way, Enriching Community call, vision and values. These reports, presented by the five focus groups, identify the rationale, challenges, specific objectives and the recommended steps for working towards the desired outcomes that will enable the Uniting Church in Queensland to fulfil its call: Uniting in Christ: acting with love, living with hope, witnessing in faith, working for justice.

Side by Side is a study resource around the Together on the way, enriching community journey and is based around 1 Corinthians 12:12-31 (One Body with Many Parts). It also incorporates reflections on the Uniting Church in Australia’s 1977 Statement to the Nation and includes multimedia resources to assist the studies. It is a project stemming from Priority Direction A (“Enabling a demonstrated commitment to the shared Call and Vision”).

Side by Side video 1: Celebrating Partnerships

Side by Side video 2: Partnering with other parts of the Uniting Church

Side by Side video 3: What does latte have to do with the body of Christ?

Side by Side video 4: Working with other people of faith