The Partners in Ministry (PIM) group provides collective support for spouses and partners of ministry agents. Being the partner of a person in placement with the church has unique rewards and challenges, and PIM offers the opportunity to share these with others who can relate, celebrating the joys and empathising and supporting through the more challenging times. This social and emotional support is coupled with opportunities to be spiritually fed by each other and external leaders, as well as prayer support.


A spouse or partner of a ministry agent or ministry candidate in Uniting Church in Australia, Queensland Synod.

Key activities

  • annual retreat
  • gatherings during Synod in Session meetings
  • Facebook private group
  • connecting with ministerial candidates and their partners in formation
  • social get-togethers (face-to-face and online)

These activities are not exhaustive and can be amended and added based on the needs of the current and future PIM members. This can be decided on at either an annual general meeting or committee meeting.


The group is governed by 7 elected committee members and office bearers, elected at the Partners in Ministry’s annual general meeting. Appointment to the Committee is for a 2-year term or as determined by Partners in Ministry.

These terms of reference can be modified by agreement of Partners in Ministry members, either by consensus or agreed to by formal majority at an annual general meeting.

Committee meetings

The Committee meets as needed. The Committee chairperson convenes meetings when necessary to carry out the role of the Committee. Any member may request the Committee chairperson to convene a meeting. The agenda for meetings is determined by the Committee chairperson in consultation with the Committee secretary and others directed by the Committee chairperson. In the absence of the Committee chairperson or appointed delegate, the members will elect one of their number as chairperson of that meeting.

Financial Responsibility

All financial obligations of the Partners in Ministry group will be overseen by the elected committee members and office bearers in conjunction with the UCA Queensland Synod office.

Authority of PIM committee

The PIM committee acts on behalf of the PIM members to:

  • plan and organise PIM events and activities,
  • maintaining channels of communication between PIM members
  • liaise with General Secretary and the Synod office,
  • maintain member records,
  • maintain financial controls,
  • maintain compliance with risk management protocols
  • prepare and provide annual report of the activities of the PIM group to the General Secretary

For further information about PIM – please contact PartnersinMinistry@ucaqld.com.au