Become a chaplain

Chaplaincy in the Uniting Church in Queensland is open to both lay and ordained people and can be either paid or in a volunteer capacity depending on the context. The level of pastoral care, theology and leadership qualifications also differ depending on the context of the chaplaincy.

Chaplaincy is integral to the work of the church in the community. This means it needs to be entrepreneurial and flexible to respond to the changing needs of a community. Chaplaincy training and education needs to respond accordingly and include focus on leadership, governance and community dynamics alongside core training and skills in pastoral and spiritual care.

If you are wondering if chaplaincy is right for you, why not speak to a chaplain and explore doing a Period of Discernment.

Study pathways

There are a number of recognised and accredited courses for chaplaincy education. These are often context specific. Some of the study options are through: