The Placements Committee is the body which under regulation oversees the list of placements within the Synod. The Placements Committee works together with presbyteries and other bodies within the life of the Synod to ensure that ministry agents are deployed in placements which match their skills and gifts as well as meet the particular needs of the ministry agent. The Placements Committee seeks to do this in a way which is respectful and prayerful.

In addition, the Placements Committee has an oversight function of all ministry positions in the Synod, whether they are approved placements, ministry locations or other forms of ministry. The membership brings together a collective story about what is happening across the life of the church and what resources are best able to meet the needs of particular ministry locations.

As from 1 January 2018 the Queensland Synod introduced a revised “optional dual track placements process”. This innovation comes as a result of a decision of the 31st Synod and after extensive consultation with ministers, congregations and presbyteries across the Synod.

The dual track placements process provides ministry agents and Joint Nominating Committees with a choice of opting into a decentralised placements process or remaining, by default, with the existing centralised placements process.

Download the Joint Nominating Committee explainer video:

Want to know more about the new placements process? Download the Placements process FAQs.

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