The Board for Christian Formation (BCF) gives oversight to processes involved with the selection, training and continuing education of people in specified ministries within the Synod. In addition, the BCF promotes the general growth in spiritual and theological understanding of people within the Synod. The key bodies that the BCF is able to do this through are the Synod Selection Panel, Trinity College Queensland (TCQ) and the Alcorn Fellowship Trust.

Our mission

The mission of the Board for Christian Formation is to provide leadership for the Synod in the area of Christian education and formation.

Our vision

The vision of the Board for Christian Formation is that we will see a church that is formed for Christian mission.
According to the Basis of Union (BOU), Christian mission is to participate with Jesus Christ to:

  • make disciples (BOU paragraph 1)
  • be a people of reconciliation (BOU paragraph 3)
  • work for the renewal of all creation (BOU paragraph 3)
  • always be on the way to the promised end (BOU paragraph 3).

Our aspirations

  • Be a prophetic voice and a catalyst for innovation
  • Provide key leaders for the service of God’s mission through the church
  • Ongoing curriculum review and implementation to fulfil the vision of Trinity College Queensland
  • Employment and training of staff to fulfil the mission and vision
  • Staff engagement and commitment to be a discipling community
  • Development of strong partnerships with synods, presbyteries and agencies
  • Growth in student numbers
  • Establish partnerships with other institutions for the purpose of awarding accredited courses.

For further information on Trinity College Queensland, refer to their website.