Mandatory Reporting

Blue Cards

All people working or volunteering in child-related roles must have a valid linked blue card or exemption card. For more information contact Blue Card Services.



Contact us

For all Safe Ministry with Children enquiries, please feel welcome to contact us.

Annual Safe Church audit: New resources

Around the 30th of January each year, the General Secretary asks each presbytery to gather information from congregations to demonstrate compliance with their obligations to provide a safe environment for the children and anyone vulnerable. This review occurs in the form of a safe church assessment. Some new resources have been developed to assist congregations and presbyteries to gather this information


Complaints and allegations

Sometimes you may be the recipient of complaints or comments. Complaints or comments may be about suspected abuse or harm, inappropriate behaviours of other staff or volunteers, or concerns about the church premises. It is important for issues to be addressed and for relevant information (no matter how large or small) to be evaluated and acted on.

You may also need to make a report to Workplace Health and Safety, or if you are not sure, contact them for advice, via the link on this page.



Choosing leaders and helpers

One of the best ways to create a safe church is selecting, screening and training people who will be entrusted with positions involving children. Once people are appointed to work with children in congregations, it is important that they receive support and encouragement. We recommend that this occurs soon after they commence and annually. Leaders and helpers should be acknowledged and supported by the congregation and commissioned each year.



For all training enquiries please contact the Learning and Development team at or (07) 3377 9990