Leaders and helpers

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Leaders and helpers

Training, information and support

There is one Safe Ministry with Children training module, which all ministers, leaders, helpers and volunteers are required to complete at least every two years. It covers information which is relevant to a range of people and situations within congregations.

The Safe Ministry with Children training is designed to be done in groups—allowing for facilitated discussion. The facilitated discussion meets the need to develop relationship, foster discussion, encourage questions and provide a feedback loop.

Each presbytery will provide training opportunities throughout the year. Congregations may conduct the training locally, if they have a suitable facilitator. Congregations wishing to access this training option may do so by contacting their presbytery’s Safe Ministry support person or emailing the Safe Ministry (Children) administrator.

There is an information and support network for training facilitators, leaders and coordinators. This network provides information bulletins and peer support opportunities. To join the group click here.


One of the key elements of creating safe ministry with children is screening and selecting people who will be entrusted with positions involving children.


Once people are appointed to work with children in congregations, it is important that they receive support and encouragement. We recommend that this occurs soon after they commence and annually. Leaders and helpers should be acknowledged and supported by the congregation and commissioned each year.

Forms and resources for leaders and helpers

Safe ministry training enquiry form

If you or your congregation are interested in holding a training session on the safe ministry with children resources please fill out this form.