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One of the important privileges and opportunities of congregations and presbyteries is to identify persons who are available to serve as Moderator-elect of the Queensland Synod. These nominations arise from prayerful consideration and through conversations among members of the church.

Nominees for Moderator-elect will be consultative, well versed in the consensus decision-making of the Church, and value and promote good governance.

If you know of someone you believe has the gifts and graces appropriate to be Moderator-elect, please contact your presbytery chairperson, presbytery minister or minister in placement. The presbytery shall seek approval of nominees of congregations or of presbyteries, for their names to be included in the process. These names shall be forwarded to the General Secretary with the nomination form that addresses why the candidate meets the key selection criteria and includes a photo. Nominations should reach the General Secretary at by 5pm on Friday 14 December.

The Moderator-elect will be named at the 34th Synod in Session in May 2019 and take office as full-time Moderator at the commencement of the 35th Synod in Session in October 2020.

The church

The Uniting Church in Australia is the third largest Christian denomination in Australia. In Queensland, we have around 250 congregations and a number of schools, colleges and community services (such as Blue Care, UnitingCare Queensland and Wesley Mission).

The Uniting Church in Australia, Queensland Synod is engaged in a revitalisation journey. The Synod office is a key part of resourcing the church and its ability to be focused missionally in ways that align to the strategic directions of the Synod as a whole. More information about the Queensland Synod can be found here.

The Moderator is the spiritual head and the main spokesperson for the Uniting Church in Queensland. This role will help lead the Uniting Church in Australia, Queensland Synod through what is an exciting time of transformation.

Q2.3.5                            Duties and Responsibilities of the Moderator

In addition to carrying out the duties and responsibilities set out in the Assembly Regulations (see Regulation, the Moderator shall:

  • preside over meetings of other bodies as may be required from time to time by the Synod or the SSC;


  • visit each Presbytery regularly and give such care and counsel as may be required to Ministers and other agents whose work has a substantial pastoral and/or educational and/or liturgical function;


  • be the Chairperson of the Advisory Committee on Ministerial Placement and be the focal point of reference for the entities with a responsibility for the oversight of placements;


  • in consultation with Presbytery Officers, encourage congregations in furthering their mission within their respective bounds and in such areas of geographic, sociological and ethnic grouping as may seem appropriate;


  • in consultation with the General Secretary of Synod, encourage the provision of resources and material for the promotion of the mission of the Church;


  • in consultation with Presbyteries and the General Secretary of Synod, and without limiting the responsibilities of the General Secretary, exercise general oversight of the life of the Church to ensure that in its congregations, presbyteries, Synod Office, units and agencies, expression is being given to the faith, policies, standards and procedures of the Church;


  • subject to the provisions of Regulation make such rulings as may be necessary to clarify and interpret decisions of the Synod;


  • be the spokesperson for the Synod issue media releases and statements in the name of the Synod on matters of public interest;


  • liaise as appropriate with the General Secretary of the Assembly and the National Director for Social Responsibility and Justice;


  • initiate research and investigate studies into social justice and other issues which impact upon the missional development of the Church;


  • initiate both formal and informal forums which will reflect on the missional priorities of the Church and which may draft strategic missional directions;


  • except in those cases in which negotiations are necessary with Governments and Government Departments or officers in respect of the work of the Synod, act as the liaison person of the Church with Governments in respect of public issues;


  • have the oversight of the Synod Ecumenical Relationships Committee and relationships with other branches of the Church catholic;


  • in exercising the functions of counselling and discipline as provided in Regulation, ensure that, before becoming involved, all other Councils and officers have had the opportunity for exercising their prescribed functions;


  • enquire into any grievance, complaint or other circumstance as provided in Regulation;


  • subject to being elected or appointed as the case may be, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant Regulations, by-laws or procedures, represent the Synod at meetings of the Assembly and all other appropriate meetings conducted by the Assembly.

Q2.3.6                            Key Selection Criteria

Some of the key characteristics of a person suitable for election as Moderator are as follows:

  • The nominee shall be a member of the Uniting Church and will have an appreciation of the reformed and evangelical theological heritage of the Uniting Church and its ongoing significance to the faith of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church. In addition, the nominee will be aware of the theological diversity within the Uniting Church and will have the capacity to reflect theologically upon current issues in church and society in the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


  • The nominee will give evidence of a lifestyle commensurate with the responsibilities and demands of a key leadership role. Such evidence will include a nominee’s awareness of his/her own gifts, abilities and limitations, his/her capacity to maintain healthy relationships, and an ongoing commitment to his/her own physical and spiritual wellbeing.


  • The nominee will have a good understanding of the Uniting Church, including its community service institutions and the need for those community service agencies and the councils of the church to work together. The nominee will also have a good understanding of Australian society, including those emerging issues and trends that need to be addressed in the light of the gospel. Demonstrated team building and networking capabilities will have to be evidenced.


  • The nominee will have demonstrated the capacity to exercise pastoral care and discipline, and the ability to moderate, and will be respected generally by the members of the church.


  • The nominee will be a good communicator and, as the public “face” of the church, will need to be articulate and competent in working with the media.


  • The nominee will show a commitment to ecumenical engagement and a capacity to work with ethnic groups in both church and community.


Uniting Church in Australia, Queensland Synod is committed to being a child safe, child friendly organisation and for all children who come into contact with our services we will provide welcoming, safe and nurturing services, prevent child abuse and neglect within our services and appropriately and immediately address child abuse and neglect if it does occur.

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