If you are (or represent) a congregation, presbytery, agency or institution of the Queensland Synod, the Risk and Insurance Team will also provide assistance with:

  • arranging special general insurance cover (i.e. large construction projects, marine hull, aviation etc.)
  • general insurance amendments and information
  • management and administration of general insurance claims
  • organising periodic building valuations for insurance purposes
  • Workplace Health and Safety resources and training
  • promoting Safe Ministry with Children awareness
  • risk management training and information
  • relocation and removals for ministers in placement.

As per section Q2.3.2(f) of the Queensland Synod By-Laws, the Risk & Insurance team arranges insurance in respect of property (including motor vehicles) which is owned by the Queensland Synod, or which the Queensland Synod is legally obliged to insure.

Our service is restricted to only internal operations of the Queensland Synod, such as Synod services, presbyteries, congregations, agencies and institutions. We do not provide insurance services for any organisations/s that is/are not an operation of the Queensland Synod. We do not handle domestic home, motor vehicle, boat or caravan insurance for private individuals.

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