Please contact the IT Helpdesk (it-helpdesk@ucaqld.com.au) to find out if you are eligible and the steps to recive deals from Dell.


Microsoft and Adobe

As a congregation or presbytery of The Uniting Church of Australia, Queensland Synod you qualify for discounted pricing on Microsoft, Adobe and Symantec Software with Data#3. In order to organise a quote or place an order, please contact Data 3# via the below methods. Please note that there are restrictions as to who is eligible to purchase at charity pricing so please contact Data3# to find out more information.

For further information, contact unitingchurchqld@data3.com.au or (02) 9081 9675.




Changes in the way Telstra supports you

Information for The Uniting Church

You may have recently heard about some changes in the way Telstra provides support to Church and related Institutions. Telstra is no longer working with Church Resources and moving forward you should contact Telstra directly for any assistance.

Telstra is committed to providing you with the best possible customer service and to continuing to work with your organisation to provide new offerings and continued access to special pricing as the Uniting Church.

telstra-pic1Who can I call for help with my current services?

1800 730 065 or qldkeysdt@team.telstra.com

For Service, Billing and Faults please continue to contact Telstra as above.

Moving forward if your organisation has any questions regarding Telstra products and services (including for support) Telstra should be contacted directly.

Telstra is in the process of setting up a 1300 number to connect you to your preferred Telstra Channel partner for Sales and product enquiries and will advise you shortly of these details.

Escalations: 1800 790 834 or csu.service.support@team.telstra.com

telstra-pic2Who can I call for help with new services?

1300 132 143

Telstra are very pleased to provide you with the details of one of our preferred Telstra partners for the Uniting Church QLD,

Telstra Business Centre; Milton, who can assist you with new service requests.

You can also continue to work with any existing Telstra Partner or other authorised Telstra representative.