Below are links to various educational resources which may be relevant to Synod governing bodies, congregations or presbyteries. These resources will be built upon over time.

New to a committee or board?

This ACNC welcome to the board webinar helps new committee or board members learn more about their responsibilities and duties, as well as the importance of good governance.

Charity governance

This ACNC charity governance webinar looks at the importance of charity governance, including some simple and effective things a charity can do to make sure it is well governed and achieving its aims.

Conflicts of interest

This ACNC managing conflicts of interest in your charity webinar explains how conflicts of interest can be identified, disclosed and managed to ensure the charity’s interests are protected.

Charity fraud

This ACNC charity fraud awareness webinar looks at the issue of charity fraud and how people can protect their charities from mismanagement and wrongdoing.