The governance function of the Synod office supports the Synod Standing Committee, Audit and Risk Committee and Remuneration and Nomination Committee and oversees broader governance matters for the church, such as by-law updates, charter reviews, regulation interpretation and performance evaluations. The governance function also provides value-added services to congregations and presbyteries through ACNC reporting services and assistance with structuring advice for entity changes such as closures, mergers and opening new entities.

Embracing the Future: Unveiling the Next Chapter of Our Governance – Governance Research Brief Report

Project Plenty: Fit-For-Purpose Governance

The church evolves while God remains unchanged. This document invites discussion on the governance of the church in the Queensland Synod. It acknowledges the changing expectations of the community and emphasises the need for accountability. The report does not propose changes to the church’s fundamental structure but focuses on governing activities and strengthening governing bodies. It provides guiding principles and invites readers to review and provide feedback on the suggested models and recommendations. The feedback will be incorporated into the Synod Standing Committee report, and the discussion will continue beyond this document. The goal is to shape the church’s future together.

General Secretary’s Cover Letter.

Governance Research Brief Report

We greatly appreciate your input. If you have any initial thoughts, please email before July 14, 2023. Your feedback will be included in a report to the Synod Standing Committee, which will help determine how to present the paper to the Synod in October 2023.