What we offer

To support Congregations and Presbyteries with their financial transactions, reporting and compliance, QLD Synod Office provides assistance through the Bookkeeping Service team.

There are two services available with different tiers depending on the level of support the Congregation requires.

Please refer to the short videos below for further introduction to Xero and some of the benefits and processes involved in using it as your bookkeeping service.

Please refer to the Pricing Plans for  further description of services, plans, and inclusions.

For those Congregations with a Treasurer requiring minimal support, the QLD Synod Office provides conversion from the current accounting system to Xero Software, with basic training. All costs for conversion are fully subsidised ie FREE.  The monthly subscription fee is provided at a DISCOUNTED rate. Ongoing Help Desk support is provided for up to 1 hour per month.  (Note:  this cannot be accumulated beyond one month).

Those congregations with little or no access to a bookkeeper and who require a greater level of support, can access the QLD Synod Bookkeeping Service.  This service includes the Xero Subscription Only service PLUS all data is entered and customised to congregation and Church Council requirements. We can assist by entering daily banking transactions, issuing invoices for hall hire etc, preparing bills for payment and approval, preparing month end reports for Church Council meetings, BAS return preparation etc. The Synod Office have a skilled team of bookkeepers and accountants available to provide this bookkeeping support to enable the congregation to focus on their mission and goals.

Why Xero?

Over the last decade, Xero has become the standard for cloud-based accounting software with millions of customers. As a cloud-based service there is no software to install, or license to administer. Just a simple monthly subscription available at a discounted rate. All your bookkeeping can be done securely through your normal web browser.

Some of the benefits of Xero include:

  • Many time saving features including integrating with your banking system which allows real time importing of bank transactions that can be entered daily if needed; ability to save source documents to transactions assisting with a paperless office; audit / review can be granted Read Only access and all documents online assisting to streamline this annual regulatory process; regular transactions are “remembered” simplifying data entry; reports can be customised easily to suit the needs of each Church Council.
  • Being an online product, it can be accessed anywhere, using any kind of mobile device.  No upgrades are necessary – with all software updates automatically available.
  • The security of your data is protected by multiple layers of authentication processes, as well as bank-grade encryption protocols.  Multiple users can be granted varying levels of access ranging from Read Only for audit/review through – to Full Access for Treasurers.
  • Best of all the monthly subscription fee is charged at a discounted rate;
  • The Annual Return data is streamlined by the Chart of Accounts structure.
  • HelpDesk assistance is easily accessible by skilled people who understand the UCA Qld accounting requirements.

The process to change over to Xero

Please review the available information on this webpage, including the videos and useful links then feel free to contact the team. We’re more than happy to answer any questions and help make your Church Council decision as easy as possible.

Once your Church Council has agreed to proceed with either the Subscription Only Service or full Bookkeeping Service the next steps are:

  • Complete the Onboarding Form
  • Agreement
  • Conversion
  • Onboarding Training
  • Ongoing Support

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The QLD Synod Office Bookkeeping team are experienced and knowledgeable bookkeepers and accountants who are here to help!

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