Dear friends in Christ,


The devastation and ruin occasioned by the floods in North Queensland has touched all our hearts; particularly poignant is the loss of so many cattle from flooding in areas that were previously drought stricken.


Our hearts go out to all those whose lives have been disrupted, and will be so for a long time, because of this flooding.


As Christians, we’re called to stand in solidarity with those who suffer.


I urge you to be in prayer as we gather for worship; as we live our lives and listen to the mass media.


Pray for those involved in the clean-up in and around Townsville, for pastoral support for those who are struggling to come to terms with their loss;

For justice for those seeking accommodation

For our ministry agents who are supporting folk.

As we turn our hearts to those in the north west,

Pray for those graziers who have lost so much

For people isolated by road closures

For safety for those doing food and fodder drops

For teachers and those who support children struggling to understand the impact of what’s happened

For David and Janette Ellis, of the Mackay Patrol, as they minister to the communities and pastoral stations of the North West.

We also remember those who have looked for many years at blue skys, hoping for signs of rain.

We pray that in the midst of these times of trial and ordeal, people will be sustained in faith, hope, and love; that our communities will be places of restoration and solidarity.


Yours in Christ

Rev David Baker


Uniting Church in Australia, Queensland Synod