Solar panels have been installed on parts of the Uniting Church Centre in late 2018 with the benefits already evident.

A reduction in energy bills was just one example of the positives associated with installing solar panels with an increase in value or property, a reduction in carbon footprint and credits from unused power also compelling reasons to consider installing.

Who: Working with GEM and Uniting Church Investment Scheme the Synod Office is looking to support congregations throughout the Queensland Synod in investing in solar energy.

When: Scheme is open to congregations now.

Where: Scheme is open to all Uniting Church congregations across Queensland.

Why: Going solar shows a commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility which has the potential to grow a bottom line through lower power bills. This scheme will work best for congregations that have their properties used during the day so the electricity production directly offsets electricity used.  In regional areas, there is often only one provider so electricity costs are usually higher – solar will pay for itself faster.

A calculator has been developed to assist congregations and entities making decisions about whether or not solar is a sound investment.

For more information, contact a member of the Synod office team or read the article from the Winter 2019 edition of Journey magazine.