Women in Leadership Program

Worldwide research conducted over the last 10 years indicates that the highest performing organisations are those which have strong diversity within their leadership. This diversity offers unique perspectives and a different way of thinking; one that can increase productivity, improve engagement and enhance innovation and collaboration.

This has highlighted a challenge for the Uniting Church. How do we harness the skills and capabilities of the women within our organisation and improve the diversity of our leadership?

At the 32nd Synod in Session in 2016, it was resolved that a diversity task group be established to workshop representation on boards, committees and commissions. This task group presented strategies to improve diversity in leadership positions across the life of the church to Synod Standing Committee in 2017.

The first recommendation was to implement a deliberate developmental strategy for identifying and preparing people to take on roles. After years of work exploring what this might look like and conducting extensive stakeholder engagement across the life of the church, the Women in Leadership program was developed.

Key stakeholders including our agencies, schools, ministers, presbyteries, and external experts have been engaged in the development of this program. Twenty participants will be selected from an applicant pool to participate in the 12-month pilot program. They will be supported by external partners and a formal mentor. Our belief is that this program will see women fulfilling their leadership potential.

This program is not about simply achieving diversity for the sake of diversity. It’s about increasing the leadership contribution of women and building a stronger organisation that flourishes, one that reflects authentically who we are as an organisation and the community on the ground.

If you would like to apply for this program, please complete the forms below and email to WomeninLeadership@ucaqld.com.au by 15 March. Alternatively, if you would like to find out more, please contact the project team via email.