Hear what others think as they share their thoughts on why this process is important for the Uniting Church.

Louisa Yu – Life together

Natalie Smith – What the Bible says about governance

Rev Adam McIntosh – A common purpose

Rev Jenny Lynn – Transforming communities

Phil Smith – Communities of faith that transform neighbouring communities

Paul Wetzig – Community ministry–practicing the art of kintsukuri

Rev Peter Armstrong – Why transforming communities?

Rev Ansie Liedenberg – Privilege post-pandemic plethora

Paul Wetzig – How to support your congregation through online small groups and gatherings

Rev Nigel Rogers – The state of being a disciple

Scott Guyatt – And then there were four …

Amy Cliff – Why Project Plenty is important for young adults? 

Rev John Ruhle – Why Project Plenty and Mission Possible are unique, but aligned

Emily Mills – A space for speaking and listening

Rev Iris Marais – Plentifulness requires a complete shift in thinking, living and believing.

Rev Chris Crause – Asking big questions

Rev Paul Clark – History is written by those who turn up 

Rev Wayne McHugh – Renewing the heartland of our church

Rev Esteban Liévano – Taking the next step in our multicultural journey 

Mark Bensley – Mission within our schools and residential colleges 

Rev Linda Hamill – We need to pick up the process and run with it

Natalie Lewis – Covenant delivers fresh start for First Peoples engagement 

Rev Johnson Makoti – To be effective, we must invest in congregational leadership 

Rev Catherine Solomon – What will the Uniting Church look like in 2030? 

Rev Dr Wendi Sargeant – We are recipients of God’s abundant grace 

Rev John Ruhle – The hands and feet of Christ are not bricks and mortar 

Rev Paul Clark – Somebody else’s problem

Rev Melanie Wheeley – What discipleship means to me

Rev Peter Armstrong – Discipleship defined

Rev Mark Cornford – What it means to be a disciple

Paul Clark – We can be at the heart of the community again