Project Plenty consultation feedback

  • Tell us about the most exciting thing that has happened in your congregation/agency/organisation in the last 12 months (missionally). a. What made it so special? b. Where was God in this? c. What did you learn about yourselves through this experience?
  • Are you planning to do something similarly exciting in the next one-three years? Beyond? If you have any planning documents, we would love to see them
  • Think about your local community. What are some of the big challenges or issues you see emerging over the next few years?
  • What do you think your congregation/agency/organisation can do to help address these? a. What would you need in order to enable you to be at your best?
  • Tell us what you love about the Uniting Church. What makes us (at our best) who we are?
  • Are there some contributions to our wider society you think our whole church needs to pay attention to over the next decade? a. Are there internal matters we need to address in order to enable these contributions to be effective?