Bible Reading Ideas 


Videos and Songs 

Jesus heals a man born blind – The Gospel Project (animated)  

Jesus heals a man born blind – Saddleback kids (animated) 

Blind Man Healed  

John 9:1–41 Lumo Projects (dramatic real life)  

Healer of Hearts – David MacGregor  



Prayer Wall 

adapted from  

  • Add the word “respond” and a lump of mud (or brown playdough) to the worship space this week (in the desert scene or prayer wall if you have one).
  • Print and cut out the mud pictures to give to people to write prayers of thanks in acknowledgement of the ways that people have responded in compassion and coached and mentored them. They might write a whole prayer, or just name the experiences. 
  • Collect the mud prayers and either during the service or afterwards, add them to the wall. 
  • End with this spoken prayer: 

Dear God, we thank you for the ways that you have cared for and taught us on our journey with you so far. We thank you specifically for these things that we have thought about and written. We thank you for the love, support, and accountability we have experienced in these, and for the people that have been responsible for living them out in your name. We pray that you will help us to respond in compassion and coach and mentor others as they experience you in us, as we all walk with you. Amen 


Other Ideas 

Jesus the Healer Play Dough Mat  

Idea and download from  

  • Print and laminate enough copies of the playdough mat (available at link above). 
  • Make brown playdough to look like the mud that Jesus used to heal the blind man (just add Cocoa powder to your favorite playdough recipe, it’ll smell nice too.) 
  • Talk about and name people who need Jesus’ healing power and make hearts out of playdough for them.
  • Talk about how Jesus showed love through his healing power. How can you show compassion to others?
  • Share testimonies of God’s healing, and how others have shown you compassion.
  • Take home a piece of mud playdough and put it somewhere to remind you of God’s healing power and love.


Lent Journal – continued 

adapted from 

  • Print the Lent Journal for each person 
  • Each page has a heading, the gospel reading and three questions. The rest of the page is blank for responses. 

Encourage everyone to use their journal to capture their thoughts and responses to the Lent readings and reflections on Sunday and during the week as they Journey with Jesus through Lent.