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Case Studies and Success Stories2021-10-12T23:32:31+10:00

Living Faith find UCare expands their online reach

Earlier this year, the Queensland Synod identified UCare as an all-in-one church management solution that would add value to congregations across the state as a single source of truth for contact information, event bookings and task management.

One such congregation who adopted the system is Living Faith in Brisbane’s eastern suburbs where Rev Iris Marais is minister.

When Iris arrived at the congregation two years ago, an old form of software was being used as a database.

“I was looking and researching for something more updated and came across UCare,” says Iris. “While its initial usage was as a database, it has several other functionalities that are of benefit to the congregation which has been fantastic.

“Furthermore, the cost of using UCare versus other software packages is non comparable.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the UCare system has been especially valuable for the Living Faith congregation providing another avenue for members of the public to donate funds through their church website, which is another functionality of UCare.

“Our sermons go out on the world wide web and we believe we have had donations from overseas which would not have been possible had it not been for UCare,” says Iris.

“We are now looking to use the system to support COVID-19 contact tracing as a means to securely store our registers.”

When asked whether she would recommend UCare to others, Iris responds emphatically.

“Absolutely yes, particularly to those who have just started an online presence during COVID-19,” says Iris.

For more information on UCare, contact the Synod Business Development Unit via email or visit the UCare website.