The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted a need for congregations to think of new and innovative ways to connect with their congregations. This intentional connection will enable continued giving, a system to manage and support pastoral and volunteer management and support continued operations of enterprises such as Op Shops.

The Synod office, through the Business Development Unit has investigated systems to support congregations in these connections, with UCare identified as the system that will deliver this outcome. A whole of church project known as One Church Connect has been established with Ucare implementation as it first outcome.  The system is already used by some Uniting Church in Queensland congregations with outstanding results. The platform has a wide range of features to support the needs of the congregations regardless of their size. It has immediate, medium and long term benefits for individual congregations and the Synod office.

Some features offered by the UCare system include:

  • Keeping in touch with your congregation through online Attendance tracking for live streams and pre-recorded services
  • Child safety – including maintenance of required records
  • Forms and surveys
  • Online stores and point of sale
  • Giving and finances
  • Dashboards and automation of admin tasks.
  • Scheduling and reservations
  • Meets privacy and security requirements

Normally, access to the full UCare platform starts at $269 per month. However, the Synod office has negotiated an umbrella account for the platform with each congregation set up as an individual campus to pay a flat monthly fee of 15 cents per congregation member per month. This presents a fantastic saving for congregations.

If your congregation would like to find out more about One Church Connect, please contact