Op shops provide a way for congregations to connect with their community and assist with pastoral care. Op shops are also able to provide an income stream with relatively low overheads. These social, missional and financial benefits make op shops a popular choice of enterprise for congregations.

Presbyteries have expressed interest in the Synod office providing assistance with launching new op shops. At the February 2020 Presbytery/Synod interface meeting, specific enquiry was made around the availability of a business plan.

In addition to expanding a financial healthy op shop network, the Synod office is also looking to support congregations the continued safe operation of op shops.

These initial tools will grow to be a suite of resources to help congregations become self-sustaining community hubs.

If your congregation would like to further assistance with starting an op shop or enhancing the financial health of your existing op shop (or other small enterprise), please send your enquiry to bdu@ucaqld.com.au.