About the Business Development Unit

The Business Development Unit (BDU) identifies and develops new sources of revenue with the potential to generate significant annual surplus for the whole-of-Synod. This will be done in a way that demonstrates a capacity to be agile, sustainable and transformative across all Synod activities.

One of the advantages of the BDU is that it works collaboratively across all parts of the church.

To make sure we do this well, we are built to remain open and accessible to all parts of the church to help us find our way together. To assist people in managing innovation and to facilitate appropriate partnerships, the BDU uses a due diligence process which allows the church to assess opportunities as they come to light.

For example, currently, the BDU is focusing on:

  • Childcare: Working across all our childcare services to deliver a sustainable and safe structure for families and children.
  • Solar/renewable energy opportunities: Ensuring that as far as possible we can combine our energy renewable efforts across all Synod entities. A joint approach means we can accelerate and coordinate solar power for cost reduction and revenue/surplus creation across the Synod’s property footprint. We anticipate this will provide significant opportunities for finance both through government grants and generate income for demand response in partnership with an energy retailer.
  • One Church Connect: This is an online program which can help church congregations manage the people it interacts with daily. Initially, it will provide a platform for volunteer and pastoral care management and online donations.
  • Op shops: Lots of church communities and agencies run op shops and they can contribute significantly to income. The intent of this program is to support the church to continue to safely operate op shops as well as expand the op shop network where possible.
  • Grants and government stimulus: As a response to the COVID-19 situation, the BDU has been tasked to monitor and investigate the possibilities of grants and government stimulus. As grants come online, packages are prepared by the BDU and the appropriate entities are contacted to ensure complete and expedited applications. As stimulus opportunities are released, we are also supporting the relevant entities to navigate their way through the appropriate channels.

If  you have an idea that you might want to pursue that will assist the church in supporting its mission, please send us an email.

Get Involved

The response from the church to COVID-19 has shown we have the capability to accelerate innovation and implementation, and we need to continue to do so.

You are invited to participate in the Business Development Unit process by submitting an opportunity using the discovery form. The information you enter in the discovery form will be used to make an initial assessment, help identify appropriate stakeholders and prioritise the project against those already in the pipeline.

As new projects, tools or resources are released they will be made available below and communicated across the church.