Basis of Union and Statement to the Nation Posters

A set of five posters has been developed using excerpts from the Basis of Union, as well as a large poster with the full Statement to the Nation issued in 1977 at the formation of the Uniting Church in Australia:

Plentiful Conversations – Life Together – Redress and safe church.

In the latest Plentiful Conversation video, we explore the topic of redress, safe church and how the Uniting Church in Queensland is making peace with events of the past.

Plenty conversations – Life together.

“Passion and vision. Action and heart.” Life together can transform communities, churches, organisations and individuals. Redcliffe Uniting Church and UnitingCare Queensland are working together to create the Redcliffe Uniting Community Hub development. The development is aimed at creating a community services space where people can access life transforming services in what is one of the fastest growing regions within south-east Queensland.

Plenty conversations – Life together.

We look at the amalgamation of Moggill Uniting Church and Karana Downs Uniting Church to form the new Brisbane West Uniting Church congregation.