Blue Knot Day

Blue Knot Day is the national awareness day for adult survivors of childhood trauma and abuse. ASCA (adults surviving child abuse) asks all Australians to unite in support of the 5 million Australian adult survivors. Get involved: see what events have been scheduled in your area, or organise your own.

With the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse well underway, the needs of adult survivors are on the national agenda.

Building on the message that “recovery is possible”, this year’s 2019 Blue Knot Day has a theme of “Untangle the knot of complex trauma: Empowerment, recovery and resilience”. ASCA is asking all communities to be receptive and supportive to the survivors who live within their local communities.

Why the Blue Knot?

Blue Knot Day 2014

ASCA’s symbol for Blue Knot Day and its symbol all year round is the tangled knot.

When children are abused they become confused…. life, even in adulthood, can be chaotic and tangled.

ASCA helps untangle the knot of child abuse for adults who were abused as children.

ASCA helps people who experienced all forms of childhood trauma to recover.

Get some blue ribbon or rope, make a tangled knot with it and display it out the front of your church. This symbol will be familiar to many survivors and will be a source of hope and comfort.

Take up ASCA’s call and be supportive community. Be prepared to listen, provide safe opportunities for people to talk about their experiences if they wish to and provide practical and emotional support. The booklet Called to care: Thoughts for congregations contains useful information.

How can abuse affect people?

Experiencing any form of childhood trauma and abuse can impact on an adult’s quality of life in fundamental ways. It can make basic day-to-day activities, such as eating, sleeping, working and study difficult. Trauma and abuse in childhood can also affect your mental health, physical health, and your relationships with the people around you.

However research has established that recovery is possible. With the right help and support survivors can live healthy connected lives. Understanding the effects of trauma and abuse can help survivors connect their past experiences with their present challenges, and find pathways to a healthier future.


“Towards recovery” video for survivors

This is a short video for survivors of all forms of childhood trauma and abuse. It has been developed by survivors, as well as those who support them professionally and personally. It runs for 11.24 minutes.

Factsheet: Towards recovery

Towards recovery : Blue Knot Foundation Factsheet for people who have experienced childhood trauma (including abuse)

Finding Care and Support

  • Adults Surviving Child Abuse web support info
  • Blue Knot Foundation’s 1300 Professional Support Line—1300 657 380 operates Monday–Sunday from 9am–5pm AEST
  • Email helpline@blueknot.org.au