changingtheconversationIn Changing the Conversation, American author Anthony Robinson invites congregations into a journey of discovery and the challenge of exploring and unpacking their future. Most of all, we are invited on an adventure of imagination and courage.

“For congregations … there are perhaps ten important conversations that they need to initiate, deepen, and sustain in their ongoing life. These conversations are all contributions: they are different elements of the overall effort to change the conversation, particularly in long-established congregations and denominations of the Protestant mainline tradition. They seek to nurture an emerging third way.”

Robinson gives us lots to think about. We won’t always agree with everything he says (and nor should we), and we have to do some translation from his American context to our own here in Australia along the way – but it’s a journey worth taking. Robinson manages to keep his ideas, and the ten conversations, accessible and straightforward.

Attached you’ll find a full introduction to the book, and a chapter-by-chapter reading guide. We’re encouraging you to read this book with a small group from your congregation.  Read it with an open mind to each of the conversations to which we are invited.

Download the reading guide here: Changing the Conversation – A Reading Guide