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NCLS 2016

What is NCLS?

The National Church Life Survey (2016 NCLS) is a nation-wide survey which coincides with the Australian Government Census. For the last 25 years NCLS has been providing credible research to thousands of churches, to nurture church vitality and effective leadership in the Australian context. Churchgoers will have the opportunity to contribute their views on a wide range of faith and life matters when the survey is conducted in October this year.

The survey will map the presence of churches nation-wide and share the stories of the positive contributions they make to their local communities. Locally, congregations will gain valuable feedback to help them develop effective leadership, make informed decisions and set direction for the future.  Congregations will be able to identify and build on strengths, and more effectively steward the gifts and skills of their people. They will receive practical resource packs with the survey results, to help them strengthen their local ministry.

Our involvement

Because the Queensland Synod is committed to provide congregations and presbyteries with a credible evidence base to inform their strategic mission planning and decisions, your participation in the survey will be significantly subsidised. If you are a congregation with 30 or more attenders the Synod will pay the participation fee of $250 and your congregation will pay just $1.50 for each survey form ordered – we will invoice you for this later in the year. For congregations or clusters with less than 30 attenders there will be no cost for adult survey forms ordered.

What to do next

You could fill out and send us the order form you received in the mail from NCLS 2016 or even more easily, just email Bruce Mullan the number of survey forms you wish to order for your congregation.

Please indicate:

  1. Congregation name
  2. Number of English language survey forms (15 years and older)
  3. Number of survey forms in other languages (specify language and numbers)
  4. Children’s survey forms (8 – 14 years) if required

Some congregations work individually and some in clusters.  Here are some samples of how you might place your order.

Case studies

Single site church: Newscale Uniting Church congregation in Toowoomba is a congregation on one site with one church council. Newscale is a single site church in one location and will receive their results in one profile and receive one Church Life Pack.

Single site church with multiple worship services: Downtown Uniting Church has a number of worship services each week some catering for a language group other than English. They operate as one congregation with one church council at one location. Downtown will order some surveys in English and some in Vietnamese. They would receive one congregation profile and one Church Life Pack

Multi-site church across multiple locations:  Hopeworth South Uniting Church has a larger congregation in Townsville but also two small rural congregations meeting at Northgate and Mt McKenzie. There are three sites and one church council so Hopeworth South is a multi-site church across multiple locations and will receive one congregation profile and one Church Life Pack.

Multi-site church wanting information as separate congregations: Inscape Region Uniting Church has congregations meeting at Queens Street in Inscape, Moorefield Street, Beaumont and King’s Drive, Engalipe. So, Inscape Region UC is a multi-site church across multiple locations. They would normally receive one profile and one Church Life Pack but for an extra fee can receive specific profiles for any of the congregations together with the profile for the whole group. So, for example, Beaumont, for an additional fee of $75, can also receive its own specific Beaumont Congregation profile. To receive extra profiles for specific locations congregations will need to advise what reports are requested.

More information

If you have any questions about NCLS 2016 and your congregation’s participation please contact Scott Guyatt 07 3377 9773 or Bruce Mullan 07 3377 9927.

You can also visit the 2016 NCLS website.