At the 34th Synod in Session in May 2019, the Queensland Synod launched its inaugural Covenant Action Plan (CAP), a momentous milestone in the life of the church and another step towards genuine reconciliation.

This was the culmination of two years of work, after the Synod Standing Committee tasked a Synod Covenanting Working Group to develop the equivalent of a Reconciliation Action Plan.

Three founding principles have been identified as part of the Covenant Action Plan:

  • Our work together in this space will be built upon the posture of relationship-building.
  • Our work in this space will exemplify the posture of taking time and patience, alongside holding in tension identified and measurable outcomes.
  • Our work in this space will intentionally model the posture of “building bridges from both ends”.

The Covenant Action Plan will be revisited regularly over the coming years until the next strategic plan is released in 2020.

Walking Together on Country 

The Queensland Synod will host a series of Walk on Country events on North Stradbroke Island during October. This experience represents a fantastic opportunity to build relationships with First People communities and provide a doorway into developing and introducing Indigenous theology.

The first event will run 7–8 October 2019 with more opportunities planned. A maximum of 20 attendees are able to attend each event The total cost for each event is $575 per person, significantly reduced compared to other visitations throughout Queensland. To register or for more information, contact Natalie Lewis or Erin Mawhinney, Project Officer (Covenant Action Plan).


2019 Covenant Action Plan

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