COVID-19 Vaccination information

The past 18 months during the COVID-19 pandemic, has been a challenging time for us all. Thank you for all your efforts to keep our congregations, our services and our community members safe.

Message from the Moderator

Vaccinations for Queensland Synod staff, enterprise staff and ministry agents

The Synod Standing Committee have endorsed the requirement to be fully vaccinated for all people exercising a ministry role in the Queensland Synod, all Synod office staff and staff of Synod office enterprises. This includes supply ministry and all people engaged through a contract for the supply of services (other than contractors providing site maintenance or cleaning services).  Under the COVID-19 policy and procedure (see below), fully vaccinated means the person has received all recommended doses (including boosters) of a vaccine for COVID-19 approved by ATAGI for use in Australia or endorsed by WHO-COVAX where the individual was vaccinated overseas unless limited by Government Requirements.

Charleville and Districts Family Day Care

Vaccinations for Early Learning

Government Requirements mean that all workers at an early learning site (including employees, family day care educators, in home contractors, volunteers, students and people who are engaged through a contract for the supply of services) are required to be fully vaccinated.  Under the COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements for Workers in a high-risk setting Direction (No.2) issued 4 February 2022, fully vaccinated means the worker has received the prescribed number of doses of a COVID-19 vaccine and one week has passed).

COVID-19 vaccination schedules to be considered ‘up to date’

ATAGI released a statement on 10 February 2022 to define ‘up to date’ status for COVID-19 vaccination.  Most individuals aged 16 years and over will have a primary schedule of a COVID-19 vaccination which usually consists of two doses.  A booster dose is required to be ‘up to date’.  A booster dose is a subsequent dose after an appropriate primary schedule based on choice of vaccine and immunocompromise status. Eligibility is from 3 months after last primary dose. The minimum time frame for a booster dose to be considered valid is 2 months. Although a booster dose at any time after 3 months is safe and effective, people who have not received a booster within 6 months of completing their primary series of vaccine doses will be considered overdue.  For people with a previous COVID-19 infection, the next dose can be deferred for up to 4 months from the date of diagnosis of the latest infection.  The Synod will commence a process soon to obtain additional vaccination evidence of a booster dose for people who have previously provided evidence of their primary schedule of doses.

The Gap Child Care and Kindergarten

Submit your vaccination evidence

You must provide evidence related to your primary schedule (normally two doses of a COVID-19 vaccination) and a booster dose if eligible (no later than 6 months after completing your primary schedule).  All information will be securely stored and only accessible by authorised employees of the Queensland Synod.

Vaccine Exemption Application

You can complete a COVID-19 Vaccine Exemption Application form to apply for an exemption from being fully vaccinated. The form outlines the exemption categories and the evidence required to support your application. You will need to email your application form and supporting evidence to where your documents will be securely stored. Please allow a few days for your application to be considered as per our COVID-19 Vaccination Procedure.

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