New laws to protect employees from deliberate wage theft by an employer were introduced in September 2020 in Queensland.

The new laws criminalise deliberate wage theft and also provide a simple, quick and low-cost process for wage recovery claims.

Congregations, presbyteries and Synod Office have a responsibility to ensure that employees are paid correctly.

Employees have a responsibility to check their payslip for accuracy and advise their manager and the People and Culture Team if payment is different to the expected payment.

What is wage theft?

Wage theft is the deliberate under or non-payment of entitlements to employees, including underpayment of wages, withholding entitlements like leave and penalty rates, and not paying superannuation contributions.

What are the responsibilities of congregations and presbyteries?

Congregations and presbyteries have a responsibility to ensure that employees are paid correctly, and that employees know what to do if they feel their pay is incorrect.

When is wage theft a crime?

The law aims to capture deliberate, intentional behaviour in under or non-payment of entitlements.

What can I do?

If you believe you have been underpaid, please let your manager or supervisor know. The People and Culture Team at is available if you need advice on determining your award or conditions.

If a congregation or presbytery identifies any underpayment, please contact People and Culture Team if you would like advice on how to fix the underpayment.

What if I need assistance or more information?

Contact  People and Culture Team:

Government agencies  Office of Industrial Relations webpage,  Wage theft FAQ, Wage theft fact sheet

Queensland Police Service  webpage, QPS Wage Theft Report form


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