At the April meeting of the Governance, Nomination and Remuneration Committee, it was resolved that paid maternity leave and adoption leave would be provided to lay staff of the Queensland Synod. This leave provides 12 weeks paid maternity leave or 12 weeks paid adoption leave for full-time and part-time female staff members with not less than 12 months continuous service as an employee at the time maternity leave or adoption leave commences. The paid maternity leave or paid adoption leave for full-time and part-time female staff members may be taken on full pay for the 12 weeks or at half pay for 24 weeks. This paid leave provision is in addition to all other family leave provisions and requirements as defined by the National Employment Stardards of the Fair Work Act (Commonwealth) 2009. 

Further information regarding applying for parental leave is available from Fairwork Australia or from the People and Payroll Team.