Last week the Fair work Commission (FWC) announced the new minimum wage increase to be 1.75 per cent.

Unlike in previous years, the FWC has adopted a staggered approach to the minimum wage increase across industries as they recognise not all sectors of the economy have been impacted in the same way by COVID-19.

The operative dates for the implementation of the increase will be in three (3) phases:

  1. The first round of increases will commence from 1 July 2020 and those industries in group 1 will include frontline healthcare, teachers and childcare workers, and other essential services.
  2. Group 2 increases will commence from 1 November 2020 and these awards will cover construction, manufacturing and a range of other industries.
  3. Group 3 will see an increase from 1 February 2021 and these industries will include accommodation and food services, arts and recreation, retail trade and tourism.

The table below outlines the awards which are relevant to both the Queensland Synod and congregations who use the payroll bureau service.

Award Increase Effective Date
(first full pay period on or after the date below)
Clerks Private Sector Award 1 November 2020
General Retail Award 1 February 2021
Hospitality Industry (General) Award 1 February 2021
Cleaning Services Award 1 July 2020
Journalists Media Award 1 November 2020
Educational Services (Post-Secondary) Award 1 November 2020
Educational Services (Teachers) Award 1 July 2020
SACS Award 1 July 2020
Miscellaneous Award 1 November 2020
Children’s Services Award 1 July 2020


For those congregations that use the Payroll Bureau Service these increases will automatically be applied on the appropriate implementation date. Where an employee is paid higher than the award rate, please advise if a rate change is required.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above information, please direct your enquiry to