Becoming a Green Church includes three components: becoming, green and church.

  • Becoming, or changing our ways from damaging to caring for the earth;
  • Green, learning how to live sustainably;
  • Church, growing in our understanding of faith, relating it to the eco-crisis, allowing ourselves to be changed, and moving into new ways of living that proclaim the healing, reconciliation and renewal of all creation in Christ.

Getting started

  • Reflect on the Eco-Mission Statement
  • Check out the practical resources on this page
  • Read about green initiatives happening within the Uniting Church and be inspired
  • Look through the ‘Resources’ section of the website (including readings, Bible studies, worship resources and links).
  • Talk with others, and form a small group to develop a plan of action.

Eco-Mission Statement

“Anywhere” Congregation Uniting Church in Australia ECO-MISSION STATEMENT
Vision: The Anywhere Uniting Church, in recognising the natural environment as God’s Creation, believes that:

  • Christians are called to safeguard the integrity of Creation, and to exercise their mission in such a way that the life of the earth is sustained and renewed.
  • Alongside other valid expressions of Christian mission, the proclamation of the Kingdom of God includes working for justice, peace, and a proper stewardship of the earth.
  • The well-being of people is inter-woven with the well-being of the planet itself.

Objectives In response to that vision, the ecological aims of the Anywhere Uniting Church are:

  • To raise environmental awareness in the congregation and throughout the community.
  • To engage in practical measures on behalf of the environment.
  • To encourage a form of spirituality that includes an appreciation and care for Creation.

Five Leaf Eco Awards for Churches

The Five Leaf Eco-Awards are an ecumenical church greening and environmental change program for churches. The Five Leaf Eco-Awards can help you become a Green Church today! The program will help you ‘green’ your:

  • Buildings
  • Worship
  • Congregation
  • Outreach
  • Leadership

Growing Mission with Community Food: A Practical Resource for Church Congregations (from Uniting Earthweb Nov 2010)

  • Superswitch ranks superannuation funds by how much of their investment is free from fossil fuels. See how your super is invested and maybe switch to a better fund. You can also ask your current fund to invest more ethically.
  • Market Forces lists the banks. See if your bank invests in fossil fuels. Consider switching to a bank that doesn’t.
  • Choice Magazine has an ethical investing guide which explains some terms and concepts.
  • Go Fossil Free Australia has step by step guides for taking your money out of fossil fuels.
  • Becoming a Solar Church – Queensland Synod, 2016
  • Solarising Churches: A Practical Resource for Uniting Churches in NSW (Uniting Earthweb Sept 2010)

(Note that funding arrangements are different in Queensland—see Funding links above)