We’re invited as a church to join together in the lead up to the 37th Synod in Session for 40 Days of Prayer as we seek God to hear what the Spirit might say to us for the next season. We have prepared a 40 Days of Prayer resource to guide us through this season, with written and video reflections, bible verses, points to be prayerful about, and a written prayer for each of the six weeks.

The resource booklet is available for download here, while the weekly videos are available below.

Renewal – Faith for a new season

Worship – God, we are so Grateful

Steve Drinkall reflects on moving from a feeling of gratitude to the action of thanksgiving, and Kym Korbe offers a prayer of gratitude.

Community – Father, hold us together

Rev Karen Ross challenges us to pursue an encounter with Jesus to heal and renew us.

Surrender – Lord, we can’t fix things on our own

Sureka Goringe of UnitingWorld calls us to recognise God’s strength in the midst of our weakness.

Faith – Lord, grant us the gift of faith

Hannah Staines encourages us to see faith in God and his kingdom differently.

Listen – Speak Lord, we’re listening

Sam McDonell calls us to have ears to hear as we come to God in a posture of listening.