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Uniting Green helps individuals, congregations and agencies of the church live sustainably and care for creation as an integral part of living out Christian faith.

Uniting Green shares stories, ideas, information and resources to encourage growth in our understanding and appreciation of God’s relationship with the whole creation, and our role within it.

The Uniting Church has always expressed an abiding concern with the wellbeing of the planet. We believe the natural environment is not merely a resource for the benefit of human beings, but has intrinsic value as part of God’s good creation.

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Uniting Green UPDATES are for those who strive to live sustainably and exercise responsible environmental care as a legitimate expression of their Christian mission.

Community Climate Petition

Later this year, the Federal government will review its climate policy. So it’s a good time to send a strong message that we love our neighbour and therefore want strong action on climate change!

The Community Climate Petition is being organised across the Christian community by Micah Australia. You can register to volunteer as a principal petitioner or petition organiser for your local area.

Events for your congregation

Here are 6 major events your church could be part of in 2017:

  • Clean up Australia Day — On 5 March connect with your local community to take care of your local environment. Register a clean up site or join an existing one.
  • Earth Hour — On 25 March hold an event at you church. Get a poster and other resources from Earth Hour.
  • World Prayer Day for Creation — Join Christians worldwide to pray for Creation on 1 September.
  • Season of Creation — In September make use of the Season of Creation worship resources.
  • Garage Sale Trail — Reuse is a great way to recycle and keep items out of landfill. You can also connect with your community. Have your garage sale on 21 October and list it on the website for extra publicity.
  • Advent Conspiracy — Help Christmas be about love rather than shopping. Use the Advent Conspiracy resources to focus more on Jesus, love and worship and less on the consumerism of the season.


See our other pages for more resources, stories and information on how to be a green church.