Human rights are basic and universal principles to guide the way we treat each other. They describe the requirements for each person to live a life of dignity to the fullness of their potential. Respect for human rights is needed to create a just world founded on a common humanity (Uniting Justice).

The Uniting Church’s commitment to human rights is most fully expressed in the 2006 statement, Dignity in Humanity: Recognising Christ in Every Person.

This statement commits the Church to respect and uphold human rights, and to critically evaluate government policy in light of the international human rights instruments and Australia’s human rights commitments. It encourages agencies and other groups within the church to advocate for social policy and legislative outcomes consistent with Australia’s international human rights obligations. In addition, the statement calls on the Australian Government to develop and promote human rights education and commits the Uniting Church National Assembly to promote awareness and understanding of human rights through existing and future programs (Uniting Justice).

The Chocolate Shopping Guide from Be Slavery Free (formerly Stop The Traffik) enables you to choose your Easter chocolate, supporting brands which are certified to have good labour practices, and not involve forced child labour.

Behind the Barcode is your guide to ethical fashion. It rates brands as to how much they avoid worker exploitation, forced labour and child labour. Get the digital or physical guide, or see the quick summary.

The Shop Ethical Guide enables you to support trade justice and say “no” to exploitation, through your purchasing choices. Every fair trade purchase makes a difference to farmers, workers, artisans, their families and communities.

Freedom Sunday is a global day of worship, prayer and action on human trafficking.

UnitingJustice Australia

UnitingJustice is the justice unit of the National Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia, pursuing national matters of human rights, social and economic justice, peace and the environment. UnitingJustice engages in advocacy and education and provides resources for the church as it considers its position on issues of national and international importance. Submissions, papers, human rights links and other resources are available.

Be Slavery Free

In Australia, Be Slavery Free (formerly Stop The Traffik) is led by a coalition of non-government, community and other organisations, including the Uniting Church in Australia, working together against trafficking in Australia and around the world. Ongoing campaigns relate to cotton production, slavery free guarantee for government purchasing and child trafficking-free chocolate.

Justice and International Mission Unit

The Justice and International Mission Unit of the Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of Victoria and Tasmania provides resources to engage and educate people about social justice issues such as child labour, child trafficking, ending exploitation in manufacture of Christian goods and human trafficking.