The Uniting Church undertakes the tasks of promoting justice, reconciliation and peace through social justice advocacy work which expresses the belief that God is committed to life now. The Uniting Church responds to the Bible’s call to care for and protect marginalised and vulnerable people by addressing issues such as native title for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the environment, the rights and dignity of asylum seekers, the treatment and care of prisoners, inadequate gambling legislation, religious intolerance, multicultural/cross-cultural issues, fair employment practices and much more. This has been expressed through practical involvement as well as in political comment and advocacy.

The Uniting Church in Australia recognises that the church should not be separate from the world, but present in the world in ways that are tangible and meaningful. The challenge is to work alongside people experiencing poverty and marginalisation in ways that address people’s material and spiritual needs. Throughout his ministry, Jesus was particularly present to the most marginalised people in society—people who were poor, hungry, sick and outcast. He challenges us to do the same.