This year marks the 40th anniversary of the union of the Congregational, Presbyterian and Methodist churches in Australia into the Uniting Church.

On 22 June in 1977, three Australian churches came together as one. The Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregational churches have been the Uniting Church in Australia ever since.

We are the people of God on the Way, a diverse group of many cultures and understandings of faith that will bring us into deeper unity with others.

The Uniting Church in Australia is getting ready to celebrate its 40th anniversary, remembering where we have come from and how far we can go together.

Gallery of the 40th anniversary celebrations

See our full 40th anniversary photo gallery on Facebook.


Resources for your congregation

To assist congregations, presbyteries and schools in their celebrations the Synod will be sending a complimentary 40th anniversary celebration pack.

The pack includes:

  • a large outdoor banner
  • balloons
  • cake toppers
  • posters

Digital resources



The 40th anniversary logo, which can be viewed as a starburst, fireworks or a dandelion head whose seeds are spread on the wind. The image brings to mind celebration, diversity and all the varied parts of the Uniting Church.

The colours intentionally connect to those that remind us of our covenant with First Peoples, the red earth and ochre.

The tagline, “All of this is us”, encompasses past, present and future—all that brought us together and formed us as we began, all that has shaped us has involved us over the past 40 years, and all that we hope for as we look to the future.

40th anniversary logo

The Assembly put everything together in one easy .zip file—including all vectorable file types and the 40th Anniversary Logo Style Guide. Please review the guidelines before using our logo.